Sheep make history

17th June 2014

Jamie McInnes Jamie McInnes

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The Poll Dorset x Black Welsh Mountain lambs made the 75-mile journey from Shaftesbury to Chichester after smallholder Viv Gleave sealed the deal online with Sussex farmer Andrew Huxham, who bought them for his father-in-law.

Andrew says:

“With time and cost top of mind at the moment, we wanted to see how the system worked. We were impressed with the level of detail submitted about the animals so when we went to look at them, they were exactly what we expected. Buying online doesn’t eliminate the need to look at the animals before buying, but it will give us a more complete view of what’s available at the moment without having to travel to a livestock market. I can also see why some sellers would want to go down this route – less cost, less stress and less time spent moving the animals around – and we’re really pleased with the lambs!”

Viv adds: “I’ve got an auction mart two miles down the road. It works for some, but not me. Selling online was surprisingly easy and the whole process was low cost and hassle-free.”

As the buyer and seller of one of the first five lots, both Viv and Andrew receive a Kindle Fire.

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