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4 Pedigree Tamworth Cross Growing Weaners

Tamworth weaners for sale. Birth notified, wormed and weaned - ready September
Asking Price £XX.00Per Head

10 Large Black-white Cross Growing Weaners

Weaners ready to go on 19th august 2017. Will be 6 weeks old
Asking Price £XX.00Per Head

5 Tamworth Growing Gilts

5 gilts £90 ready to breed and 4 boars £70 o.n.o
Asking Price £XX.00Per Head

1 Tamworth Breeding Gilt

Pure bred Tamworth gilt for sale. Nice example of the breed. Used to electric fencing.
Asking Price £XXX.00Per Head

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8 Tamworth Growing Weaners

Asking Price £XX.00Per Head

1 Gloucestershire Old Spot Cross Breeding Boar

Big boar very fertile 240 kg plus
Asking Price £XXX.00Per Head

7 Large Black Cross Growing Weaners

7 large black x Tamworth Ready to go now.
Asking Price £XX.00Per Head

Sold 12 Tamworth, Tamworth Cross Growing Weaners

Surplus growers, feed on till September or good for a small hog roast now.
Sold £XX.00Per Head

Sold 20 Mangalitsa Cross Growing Weaners

Sold £XX.00Per Head
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