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10 British Saddleback Weaners for sale from 5th June. Vaccinated and wormed. There are 6 boars and four Gilts.

Age 2 Month(s)
County Kent

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CB Livestock Services 01797 230503


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7 Saddleback Growing Barrows Greater Manchester
3 Kunekune Cross Breeding Boars Scottish Borders
5 Large White Growing Weaners Aberdeenshire
4 Berkshire Cross Growing Weaners Shropshire
1 Saddleback Growing Weaner Northumberland
1 Saddleback Breeding Sow Derbyshire
2 Saddleback Cross Breeding Sows Hampshire
17 Pedigree Large Black Growing Weaners East Sussex
1 Organic Iron Age Breeding Boar Devon
5 Pedigree Berkshire Breeding Weaners Berkshire
20 Duroc Cross Growing Weaners Cambridgeshire
3 Organic Iron Age Breeding Sows Devon
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Quantity Eartag Gender Breed Cross Age (M) Sire Dam Movements
10 Saddleback 2 Not Available

Please don't hesitate to contact use 07772012851 info@

Pedigree No
Registered Pedigree No
Sire DNA No
Birth Notified No
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On-going TB Breakdowns

> 500 Breakdowns 151 - 500 Breakdowns 21 - 150 Breakdowns 2 - 20 Breakdowns 1 Breakdown * Click circles for details

ibTB 2.0 was comissioned by Defra and the Welsh Government, and is jointly developed by APHA and ERGO.
Premium Health Scheme No
TB Restricted No
Average Weight (Kg) 1
Organic No
Red Tractor Assured No
Red Tractor Life No
Red Tractor Verified No
FAWL Assured No
QMS Assured No
PgiStatus None
Willing to split Yes
Delivery Yes
Delivery Cost £1.00 Per Mile
Delivery Area 1 Miles
Bids 0
Bidders 0
Watchers 1
Views 362
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