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Pedigree Dexter Heifer, in calf

Age 20 Month(s)
County Sir Ceredigion

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Quantity Eartag Gender Breed Cross Age (M) Sire Dam Movements
1 Dexter 20 Not Available

Wynchwood Snowdrop, short, DOB: 02/10/2015, herd book no: F51250, in calf PD tested 4-5 months, TB tested 05/05/2017.

In-Calf Yes
Scan (%) 100.00
Calf at Foot No
Pedigree Yes
Registered Pedigree No
Sire DNA No
Birth Notified No
Herd Mark(s)
Animal Name(s)

On-going TB Breakdowns

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ibTB 2.0 was comissioned by Defra and the Welsh Government, and is jointly developed by APHA and ERGO.
Premium Health Scheme No
TB Restricted No
Average Weight (Kg) 1
Organic No
Red Tractor Assured No
Red Tractor Life No
Red Tractor Verified No
FAWL Assured No
QMS Assured No
PgiStatus None
Willing to split No
Delivery No
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Bidders 0
Watchers 0
Views 197
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