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3 Pedigree Aberdeen Angus Breeding Bulls North Yorkshire View
1 Pedigree Salers Breeding Bull East Riding of Yorkshire View
2 Pedigree Salers Breeding Bulls Lancashire View
1 Pedigree Highland Breeding Bull Perth and Kinross View
1 Pedigree Lincoln Red Breeding Bull Lincolnshire View
4 Pedigree Hampshire Breeding Gilts Cheshire View
15 Tamworth Growing Weaners Fife View
10 Pedigree Charollais Breeding Ewes Sir Benfro View
12 Holstein Friesian Breeding Heifers Shropshire View
2 Pedigree Simmental Breeding Bulls Greater Manchester View
4 Pedigree Whitebred Shorthorn Breeding Bulls Lancashire View
2 Pedigree Shetland In-Calf Breeding Cows Somerset View


23 Limousin Store Heifers North Yorkshire View
85 Suffolk Cross Breeding Gimmers Sir Fynwy View
150 Welsh Hill Speckled Face Breeding Ewes with Lamb at Foot Shropshire View
64 Holstein Friesian In-Calf Breeding Heifers West Sussex View
30 Scotch Mule In-Lamb Breeding Gimmers North Ayrshire View
25 Salers Store Mixed Sex Lincolnshire View
20 British Blue Store Calves Wrecsam View
4 Pedigree Limousin Breeding Bulls Unknown View
100 British Friesian, Holstein Friesian Store Bulls Cheshire View
50 Pedigree Texel Breeding Ewes Kent View
13 Limousin Store Mixed Sex Leicestershire View
13 British Blue Store Heifers Gloucestershire View
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Aberdeen Angus Society View
Beef Shorthorn Society View
Bleu du Maine Society View
Charolais Society View
Charollais Society View
South Devon Society View
Suffolk Society View
Texel Society View
Wright Marshall View
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20 - 60 North of England Mule, Suffolk Breeding Lambs Staffordshire (National) View
4 - 10 Organic Store Calves Lancashire (100 Miles) View
3 - 4 Gloucestershire Old Spot Growing Weaners Buckinghamshire (100 Miles) View
1 - 100 British Friesian, Danish Red, Flekvieh, Gelbvieh, Guernsey, Holstein, Holstein Friesian, Jersey, Meuse Rhine Issel Store Steers East Lothian (National) View
1 - 30 Aberdeen Angus, Belgium Blue, Blonde d'Aquitaine, British Blue, Charolais, Cross Breed Dairy, Limousin, Simmental, South Devon Store Calves North Yorkshire (70 Miles) View
4 Breeding Lambs Lincolnshire (200 Miles) View
10 - 100 Black & White Bull Calves West Yorkshire (National) View
10 - 60 Belgium Blue, British Blue, Simmental Store Heifers North Yorkshire (50 Miles) View
1 - 30 Pedigree Aberdeen Angus Breeding Cows West Sussex (National) View
5 Aberdeen Angus, Ankole, British Blue, British Friesian Store Calves Gloucestershire (10 Miles) View
2 - 4 Aberdeen Angus Breeding Bulls Sir Benfro (200 Miles) View
1 Aberdeen Angus Breeding Bull Northamptonshire (70 Miles) View

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