What are the benefits of SellMyLivestock?

What other people say about SellMyLivestock

With 13,846 new users and counting in 2017, SellMyLivestock has established itself as the leading online trading platform for livestock in the UK. So what is it that keeps our farmers coming back? Here’s what our users had to say:

“lts made a real difference to the way we market our stock opening it up to a very wide audience.”

“Couldn’t ask for a better service.”

“SellMyLivestock has been very successful for me. The site is brilliant, who else can reach all the farming community, focus on a specific buyer in a few small steps, all at the touch of a button. I will definitely be using you again!”

Why use SellMyLivestock?

Convenient: You can join the site, take pictures of your stock and have an advert up in less than half an hour, from the comfort of your sofa/tractor/lambing shed.

Promotes high welfare: Animals spend less time in transit and avoid the upheaval and stress of moving from place to place and mixing with unfamiliar animals.

Improves biosecurity: Animals move directly from farm to farm without meeting other stock, thus minimising the risk of disease transfer, this of particular importance for High health scheme animals.

Free to create a listing: SellMyLivestock is a marketing tool offering a free online trading platform for farmer to farmer trade.

SellMyLivestock is now offering a simple, secure payment system. FarmPay guarantees payment for the seller, by holding funds from the buyer in a protected account. With the money released to the seller when receipt of the goods is confirmed.

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