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5th January 2017

Gareth Wyn Jones Gareth Wyn Jones 1GarethWynJones

Father of Three ,husband to one ,mainly farming and does some TV and Radio work but always #livingthedream

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My name is Gareth Wyn Jones. I am often known as the ”Tweeting Farmer”. I use Twitter every day from taking pictures of a newly born calf to the early crisp sun rise on a cold winter’s morning. It has been a powerful media for me to show my daily farming life and to communicate my views and discuss current issues with all manner of people from different backgrounds, views and opinions. It has certainly opened a few doors! Through social media I have been able to sell our lamb to Lydgate butchers in London. I am Ambassador for Crystalyx, Farming Ambassador for both Oil for Wales and Honda. Social media is by far a powerful tool to sell and promote the farming way of life. I try and encourage everyone involved in the farming community  to use it, young and old.

Most of our British population live in cities; farming and country folk are the minority and so it is vital that we share our experiences and lives and make our presence heard on social media. We really do need forums to  join together, be strong, and  for our  voices  to be heard. The farming community know that billions are spent in advertising and marketing and we also need to be out there and continuously communicating with our customers. Education is key for the British farming community to  survive .

Don’t forget that in 2017 I’ve got a new three-part series all about the Dairy industry on BBCWales.

Favourite breeds: Welsh Mountain, Hereford, Welsh pigs

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