The Scottish Blackface

Scottish blackface sheep in scotland

Scottish Blackface

Scotland’s iconic Blackface, queen of the mountain and matriarch to the Scotch mule. Often described as the backbone to the Scottish sheep industry, the Blackie is a hardy, thrifty ewe capable of keeping herself fit on the poorest of ground. As for maternal ability, the Blackface is arguably unrivaled; lamb proud and milky she lambs unassisted, with pure and cross lambs quick to find their feet. Blackface store lambs are sought after across the UK as long keep lambs due to their reputation as hardy good-doers.

Scottish blackface sheep on hill


The ewes thrive in low input extensive systems but the breed’s versatility means that there is always strong demand for Blackie draft ewes to move into commercial lowland systems. When crossed to Bluefaced Leicester or Border Leicester tups, the Blackface X daughter’s demand a premium from buyers. A smart, flashy sheep who can deliver, the Scotch mule inherits all the fine attributes of her parents.

With fertility and improved carcass from the Leicester and the maternal traits and vigour from the Blackface she is the ultimate fat lamb producer. Like her mother; the Scotch mule is a low maintenance ewe who easily rears twins without the need for heavy concentrate feeding. These cross bred lambs which when sired by continental rams meet finishing targets quickly from grass alone or make good to sell forward store lambs.

Here on SellMyLivestock we have a strong demand for both pure Blackface ewes and also Scotch mules, both in Scotland and south of the border. We currently have a number of wanted adverts on the site looking for purebred Blackface females, particularly pedigree in lamb shearlings.

Scottish blackface sheep

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