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Ten top tips for taking pictures of your livestock

Ten top tips for taking pictures of your livestock

A picture is worth a thousand words and will always help you sell your stock more easily. You don’t need to be David Bailey, but here are a few tips on how to get the best photograph of your stock before uploading it to the SellMyLivestock website:

1. Let there be light

The light is always better early in the morning or late in the day about an hour before sunset.

2. The sun (if there is one)

Keep the sun behind you.

3. Breeding stock

The best pictures of single animals have them filling the frame of the shot with their head up looking at 45° or better still, with the animal sideways on, but with their head turned towards the camera. This can be achieved by getting a helper to attract the animal’s attention.

4. Level best

Try to take the photograph from the same height as the animal’s head. This goes for sheep too. Sit on the ground if necessary. Otherwise your animals will look smaller than they are

5. If you really do want to be David Bailey…

If possible, try to photograph cows going uphill. For some reason cattle photograph much better when their front legs are higher than their hind legs. Don’t photograph cows going downhill. They just look odd!

6. Think about the backdrop

Make sure you don’t photograph the animals in front of a pile of farmyard junk, of frame it in a way that they look like they’ve got a fence post sticking out of their back.

7. No dirty pictures

Make sure your animals aren’t caked in mud. They don’t need to be in showground condition – but really dirty animals aren’t likely to attract as many sales enquiries in all honesty.

8. Put your sheep in a pen

Sheep are harder to photograph. It’s just fact of life. Try, if you can, to have them facing you. If you can get them into a pen first life will be a lot easier.

9. iPhone/iPad

Pictures from smartphones or tablets are more than adequate.

10. Any picture is better than no picture

If you’re selling large batches a representative sample will do the job. Remember any picture is better than no picture – its a guide to encourage buyers to come and see them.

Don’t forget SellMyLivestock is mobile friendly – so you can upload adverts from your smartphone or tablet. Why not get started?