Guide to farm business funding – Part 3: Government grants & add-ons

New/young farmers top up

What: Additional payment of 25% uplift on top of current BPS payments the farm is receiving (up to the first 90 entitlements. They may also be able to claim free land entitlements.
Who: Active young farmers (under 40) who are the head/majority shareholder for their farm business and who farm more than 5ha of eligible land.

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Countryside stewardship scheme

What: tiered system comprising of financial incentives for farming in a more environmentally friendly way, as well as capital grants for specific areas of importance.

Funding that may be covered by the scheme subject to conditions:

  • Fencing/sheep netting/water gates/top wiring of stone walls/Permanent electric fencing
  • Stone walling/restoration
  • Hedgerow planting/management
  • Wildlife boxes
  • Tree guards
  • Additional funds to leave arable field margins/cut certain grassland for hay/plant certain crops
  • Various water/land draining and dyke management grants
  • Various woodland management grants
  • Livestock handling systems/cattle grids/sheep dip pens/water drinking troughs

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RDPE Growth Programme

What: Three funding areas:

  • Business development
  • Food processing
  • Rural tourism infrastructure

Who: Farmers/new,micro and small business owners in LEP areas (this covers most of UK) who meet criteria
How much: certain % of eligible cost (usually 40%)

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RDPE leader funding

What: Similar to RDPE Growth programme; this covers the same areas as well as farm/forestry productivity, providing rural services and providing cultural/heritage activities. Funding is given out by local leader groups- therefore you need to check if your area is eligible and speak to your local leader groups.

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Countryside productivity funding

What: A new wave of funding has been announced, which is designed to improve farm productivity or help add value to farm products e.g robotic milking machines.
How much: 40% of eligible costs covered although with the minimum grant on offer £35,00 it may only be suitable for large farms/projects. Money has also been made available for water management grants with the same conditions in place

Young farmers start-up grant scheme (Scotland only)

For those who are starting a new agricultural business and who fulfill a range of other criteria. The grant is for  €70,000 to be paid in GBP.

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New entrants start-up grant scheme (Scotland only)

For new farmers in Scotland, subject to a range of criteria although there is no upper age limit for this. This grant is for €15,000 to be paid in GBP.

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