You may have seen the #Februdairy across social media in the last week, particularly on twitter and instagram, and maybe you’re wondering what all the fuss is about.

What is #Febudairy?

#Februdairy is an opportunity to positively engage consumers and to myth bust growing numbers of animal rights propaganda which is specifically aimed at the dairy industry. Started by Dr Jude Capper @Bovidiva, the idea being to dispel some of the myths and create a dialogue between farmers and consumers.

The aims of #Febudairy:

  1. Consumer education – The most obvious one, but using a wide variety of images, videos and text gives people direct insight into working farms. This is critical to allow clarity and comparison.
  2. This is your chance to share your half of the story and the truth about the dairy industry.
  3. Interaction – Social media is a great way to enable people to speak directly to farmers and ask questions.
  4. Showcase British agriculture – Here in the UK, farms have to conform to strict standards and protocols in order to sell their milk to processors. #Februdairy is also a chance to highlight what makes UK dairy unique.
  5. #Februdairy is all about promoting the wide variety of dairy produce which is available.

How to get involved with #Febudairy?

That’s the easy bit, just remember to tweet/instagram/facebook post using the hashtag #Februdairy! Love your cows? Want to shout about your produce? Use the hashtag! Consumers are also encouraged to get involved by using the hashtag when sharing recipes and images of food they have eaten. The more facts, statistics and real life images the better in order to make #Februdairy a celebration of the dairy industry.

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