Where to buy Store Cattle in the UK

17th July 2017

Becky Smith Becky Smith

Please note: the views expressed in this article are that of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of SellMyLivestock.

The traditional options when buying store cattle in the UK:

  • Directly through a store cattle dealer who may supply anything from store calves, right the way through to store animals which are near to finishing.
  • Through an auction mart.
  • Privately directly from a farm.

Advantages of buying store cattle through traditional options:

  • Private sellers and dealers will often offer a deal when buying large lots of store cattle or when collecting directly off farm, as they are not paying commission.
  • It may be easier to find cheaper animals in an auction mart depending on who is there looking to buy store animals.
  • Marts let you see the store cattle you are buying before the auction begins. You can check them for overall health and wellbeing before you bid.

Disadvantages of buying store cattle through traditional options

  • It can be difficult to find exactly the type of store cattle you are looking for purely through word of mouth.
  • On any given day an auction mart might not provide this either and can take precious time up, if the store animals you require are not there.
  • You don’t have access to a UK wide selection unless you’re willing to travel.
  • By buying store cattle directly, store animals are likely to be less of a health risk, having not come into contact with other animals. Store cattle welfare is also likely to be improved as they do not have the stress of multiple journeys/mixing with unfamiliar animals.

Buying store cattle online

Online livestock marketplaces such as SellMyLivestock offer an additional option to farmers which breaks away from those mentioned above. Buying online means you have large numbers of store cattle available across all age ranges and from a variety of sellers who are countrywide. Store calves, store heifers and store bulls are listed daily in our store section. If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for, you can also place a wanted ad for store cattle so sellers can come directly to you.

A number of store cattle dealers have regular batches through the online websites which enables buyers to plan in advance, and already have store cattle lined up to replace finished animals. Livestock auction sites such as SellMyLivestock also work closely with contract store calf suppliers such as Blade and Buitelaar which is another way to source uniform batches of high health young dairy or beef store calves with a competitive price per head paid.

You can view store cattle adverts at your convenience, without having to take up time to go to an auction market or to farms which may be time wasted completely if you are looking at unsuitable animals. Store cattle which are part of a farm assurance scheme such as Red Tractor assurance are also clearly labelled to make it easier for buyers to identify them. Additionally, work with the Aberdeen Angus and Beef Shorthorn societies has encouraged many ‘named sire’ store cattle listings, with Aberdeen Angus store cattle and Beef Shorthorn store cattle both regularly listed and in constant demand.

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