5 top tips for marketing cull cows!

13th July 2017

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Meadow Quality have over 40 years’ experience in multi species livestock marketing. As a farmer owned business we understand the industry and constantly strive to deliver the maximum return for all livestock sold.

Please note: the views expressed in this article are that of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of SellMyLivestock.

Five Simple Steps to Add Value to Cull Cows

1. Ensure that either through your dairy farm assurance scheme or beef assurance scheme you become assured for cow beef production. By being farm assured you are widening the market opportunity for your product.

2. Once you have embarked on finishing a cow, monitor it regularly. As soon as it is in as good a condition as you have ever seen it, look to market it.

3. Handle the animals regularly through a race to assess levels of finish and fleshing and also weigh them if possible. When assessing the overall conformation of the animal the key areas to consider are the shoulder, loin and leg.

4. Monitor the animal’s progress regularly and if it is not putting on weight efficiently, assess why and if the situation cannot be improved, market immediately.

5. Make sure that the animals go to the outlet which ensures the maximum return for you.

The Process

Once you have decided a cow is going to be culled, then a number of assessments need to be made. If the cow is in the best condition you have ever seen her, even if plain, then she needs to be marketed. If it is a cow that will improve in finish, then it will pay to improve her condition. Normally there is in excess of £100 in value to be gained by moving a cow from finish Class 1 to finish Class 2.

Pay close attention to the physical condition of the animal. Ensure it does not gain and then lose condition due to recurring problems, e.g. lameness.

Do not allow animals to become over fat as this costs you extra and reduces the carcase value due to extra trimming being necessary.


Learn a little more about Meadow Quality…

• Meadow Quality is the largest multi-species livestock company in the UK with over 40 years of trading experience and is proud to be British farmer owned.

• We market finished cattle, store cattle, cull cows and calves; finished lambs, store sheep and cull ewes and rams; finished pigs, store pigs and cull sows and boars.

• Two collection centres, one in Wiltshire and one in Shropshire, holding weekly year round calf collections and a twice monthly TB restricted collections.

• A range of options for producers with access to a wide range of processor outlets across the country ensuring a maximum return on stock and a welfare friendly system.

• On farm visits to assess value, quality and price.

• Weekly transport routes to reduce haulage costs.

• Impartial and independent market advice.

• Prices based on weight or headage.

• Guaranteed payment – credit insured.

• Personal account management from a local marketing specialist.

• Nationwide outlets.

Matt Nightingale, CEO of Meadow Quality comments “At Meadow Quality we encourage a collaborative approach to livestock marketing with our members and producers to provide a clear way for them to increase their profitability and mitigate against competition. Utilising the advice and skills of Meadow Quality staff in the procurement and marketing of your stock can assist you in creating that success and secure future that all producers are looking for”.

To find out more about how Meadow Quality can help you make the most of your livestock, visit

our website at or Facebook Meadow Quality Ltd or follow us on Twitter

@meadowquality. You can also contact us on 01789 734 113 or 01789 734 118 for more information.

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