10 tips to stay safe on the farm

Caution this is a working farm sign

Following our 10 tips to stay safe around livestock, we have created 10 tips to stay safe on farm.

1. Maintain: Maintain all machinery and equipment and ensure problems are fixed promptly by a professional.

2. Visibility: Stay visible! Ensure high viz vests are used when necessary and all equipment has fully functioning lights. Make sure when operating machinery windows are clean and mirrors used.

Use a high vis vest on farm

3. Medicine: Ensure medicine cupboards are locked and that hazardous chemicals are stored correctly and safely. Equally be aware about warning signs and what they mean.

4. First aid: Every farm should have someone who has received at least basic first aid training.

5. PTO guards: Always ensure PTO guards are used and fit correctly. Never risk it! Don’t take our word for it, watch a dummy vs unguarded PTO video here.

6. Slurry safety: Ensure slurry pits are well maintained and signed particularly to children at risk from drowning. When mixing, ensure only trained personnel are present and that specialist breathing equipment is worn.

first aid on the farm

7. Look after no. 1: No matter what happens on farm the number one rule is to keep yourself safe. You cannot help anyone else if you yourself are at danger. In the case of an accident, always secure the scene first and make sure it is safe before you proceed to come to someone’s aid. When in doubt call for the emergency services.

8. Falls: Falls are disappointingly common on farms. Ensure safe means of access e.g. handrails, level flooring etc. and use specialist equipment where necessary.

9. Turn off: Always turn off machinery when it isn’t in use. Even if it’s just for a short period i.e. to open a gate. Never forget to switch off machinery and ensure other workers are aware when you are conducting repairs.

10. H&S: Always follow health and safety guidelines! They are in place for a reason, and you make be risking your insurance by not implementing them correctly.

accidents on the farm


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