10 things you love about summer on the farm

24th March 2017

Georgina Gater-Moore Georgina Gater-Moore georgielmgm

Georgie is currently studying Agriculture at Harper Adams, and has a small flock of breeding ewes.

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As most of us are in the depths of a changeable lambing time in terms of weather, I thought it’d be refreshing to take a moment out and consider what us farmers love about summer on the farm.

So here we go;

1. There’s a significant decrease in the amount of muddy waterproofs, wellies, jumpers etc. lying around. Jeans, a t shirt and boots will do for us!

2. Is there anything more pride-inducing than watching your stock bask in the sunshine?

3. I’m not debating the luxury of coming in for a cuppa on a wet, cold morning, but, I think I prefer a nice, cold cider after some sweaty livestock work!

4. Taking an early morning moment in the field, watching the dew rise off the grass and feeling the day warming up.

5. Air con on (or door open!), radio turned up high, shades on, flat to the mat throwing swaths of hay out the tedder behind you.

6.There’s definitely some envy in watching your dogs plunge into the water trough for a cool down.

7. If you can’t quite fit in the water trough then getting home for a cool shower is definitely the next best thing.

8. Your non-farming friends are definitely jealous of your farmer tan, t-shirt lines and all.

9. Finally getting those long-standing jobs done with the extra hours of daylight.

10. Getting to work in the beautiful British countryside in the sunshine.

Favourite sheep breed: Pedigree Texels

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