10 reasons to love lamb and #lovelambweek

10 reasons to love lamb and #lovelambweek

1. Love lamb week is a celebration of British lamb, encouraging the public to buy more lamb and learn more about where their lamb comes from.

2. If you search the hashtag #LoveLambWeek across social media you will find all sorts of recipe ideas from tagines to stir-frys and curries.

3. This also includes advice on what cuts to use and how to cook them. See the AHDB site http://www.tastyeasylamb.co.uk/ for quick tips, as well as storage advice.

4. Lamb is surprisingly versatile; BBQ lamb burgers and kebabs in the summer, whilst lamb roasts and stews are classic winter warmers.

5. Salted, smoked and lamb charcuterie are a few of the ways lamb is being processed differently in order to appeal to the modern consumer. Additionally, ‘fast food’ options such as sausages, and mini roasts are encouraging more people to eat and cook lamb.

6. Lamb is a rich source of essential vitamins and minerals like Iron, as well as being a brilliant source of high quality protein and healthy fats.

7. According to DEFRA, lamb exports are worth a whopping £298 million to our economy with sheep farming and associated industries employing thousands of people (and sheepdogs!)

8. Love Lamb Week also gives sheep farmers the opportunity to help educate consumers about what they do every day on the farm and why British produce really is the best.

9. Whilst it is Love Lamb week from the 1st- 7th September, lamb and hogget is available all year round. In particular, the slower maturing native hill lambs are a real treat, providing a unique depth of flavour and taste due to their varied grazing pastures.

10. If you want to get involved become a ‘lambassador’ and use the hashtags #LoveLambWeek and #LoveLamb across social media to showcase what you do.

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