Our Story

Sell My Livestock was originally the brainchild of Dan Luff, a 4th generation Hampshire-based cattle farmer. Back in 2012 he was becoming increasingly frustrated by his inability to reach the market prices published by AHDB. On top of this, the arduous task of telephoning round to see who was offering the best price seemed archaic.

With the threat of disease always seeming to be round the corner, Dan like many livestock farmers, realised that in the long term, something needed to be done to give the industry a boost. As someone once said, ‘there had to be a better way….’

He approached an old school-friend and web-developer Jamie McInnes with a simple question. Could he create an online auction site specifically for livestock, enabling farmers to buy and sell cattle, sheep and other stock online? You are looking at the answer.

There will, of course, be lots more features to come, like an integrated load consolidation system, and online trading for pigs, but for now, the team have concentrated on developing a site that’s simple, secure and a whole lot better than anything else around.

Our Group

Hectare is an ambitious agritech company entirely focussed on exploiting current inefficiencies, and deficiencies, in the farming industry supply chains and has two principal products.

SellMyLivestock is an internet marketplace enabling the online trade of farm livestock (currently, cattle, sheep and pigs) between farmers and their downstream trading chain (other farmers, abattoirs and retailers.

Graindex is an internet marketplace enabling the online trade of combinable crops (currently grain, rape seed and pulses) between farmers and their downstream trading chain (other farmers, local/regional merchants and national/international merchants).

These two markets alone in the UK are worth over £9 billion per annum. We are in course of developing other products for commercial farmers, aimed at improving farmers’ margins whilst at the same time lowering the costs of procurement for their trading counterparties.

Our ambition is for Hectare to become the dominant ‘go to’ portal for commercial farmers and their supply chains, firstly in the UK and then overseas.

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